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Our League Includes:

  • 10 weeks of games
  • End of season tournament
  • Uniform and basketball for each player
  • Professional referees
  • Great family atmosphere

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Torres-Bracamontes looking to start the offense



                 CYB All-Star Sunday 2016-'17   Sunday, March 12 

Time CHS- East Gym 

9:00 AM G2 All-Star Game and Free Throw Contest 

10:30 AM B3 All-Star Game and Free Throw Contest 

12:00 PM Coaches and Commissioners Game

1:00 PM B2 All-Star Game and Free Throw Contest 

2:30 PM G1 All-Star Game and Free Throw Contest 

4:00 PM B1 All-Star Game and 3-pt Contest

CYB All-Star Roster
Division: G1
Coach: Chris Morgan
First Last Team Grade
1 Therese Reisch Make it Rain 8th
2 Asiya Junisbai Jaguars 8th
3 Brooke Morgan Make it Rain 7th
4 Jhenae Deras Jaguars 6th
5 Jade Sleiman Jaguars 8th
6 Charlene Perez Jaguars 7th
7 Adriana Cardoza Make it Rain 7th
8 Kiara Allen Make it Rain 7th

CYB All-Star Roster
Division: G1
Coach: Johnny Williams
First Last Team Grade
1 Bree Hartleb The Swishes 7th
2 Zion Asemota 9 Savages 7th
3 Jordyn Lee 9 Savages 8th
4 Madison Salisbury The Swishes 8th
5 Katelyn Lam 9 Savages 8th
6 Ally Cho The Swishes 7th
7 Analisa Eckler The Swishes 7th
8 Sandy Rodriguez The Swishes 7th
Division: G2
Coach: Clayton
First Last Team Grade
1 Colleen Clayton Shadow Wolves 4th
2 Gianna Lopez Shadow Wolves 5th
3 Mackenna Gardner Squad Goals 3rd
4 Cindyanna Huang Squad Goals 5th
5 Serina Martinez Squad Goals 5th
6 Mikayla Miranda Shadow Wolves 5th
7 Jordan Peng Shadow Wolves 5th
8 Victoria Saelzler Shadow Wolves 5th
Division: G2
Coach: Mitchell
First Last Team Grade
1 Emeri Carbajal Her-rricanes 5th
2 Payton Delgado Champions 4th
3 Jocelyn Hannan Her-rricanes 5th
4 Olivia Haskins Champions 4th
5 Jessica Lopez Her-rricanes 4th
6 Shayna Mitchell Her-rricanes 5th
7 Justine Ouellette Champions 4th
8 Krissie Pongvattanasomporn Champions 4th

Division: B1
First Last Team Grade
1 Nathan Ball Team Hustle 8th
2 Ian Daniel Wrecknation 8th
3 Jarred DeMott Nets 8th
4 Chris Hart Water 7th
5 Christian Martinez Claremont Hoopers 8th
6 Mathian Miller Mayhem 8th
7 Reid Morgan Flint Tropics 8th
8 Will Ouellette Showtime 8th
9 Max Suckley Claremont Hoopers 8th
10 Jerric Wu Claremont Hoopers 8th

Division: B1
First Last Team Grade
1 Ryan Campuzano Water 8th
2 Sebastian DePrez Flint Tropics 8th
3 Nathan Elias Flint Tropics 8th
4 Ryan Gonzalez Hoop Starz 8th
5 Aaron Herrera, Jr. Hoop Starz 8th
6 Jack Keough-Lansford Showtime 8th
7 Gordon Krauss Cubs 8th
8 Marcell McCormack Spartans 8th
9 Tristan Miller Cubs 8th
10 Jake Retzlaff Team Hustle 8th

Division: B2
Coach: PEREZ
First Last Team Grade
1 Caden CAMPUZANO Splash Ninjas 6th
2 Carson MOWBRAY Splash Ninjas 6th
3 Zack LEEPER Legends 6th
4 Isaac OLSON Tamahawks 6th
5 Gavriel OLSCHWANG Legends 5th
6 Colton PEREZ Ducks 5th
7 Mario (Jacob) PEREZ III Ducks 5th
8 Colby BROGAN Terminators 6th
9 Marius MCCORMACK Terminators 5th
10 Jackson LOWE Splash Ninjas 6th
Division: B2
First Last Team Grade
1 Lukas GAMANS Jaguars 5th
2 David ROGERS Jaguars 6th
3 Evan BORTOLUSSI Titans 6th
4 Brodie RAMOS Titans 6th
5 Joshua Ryan ANDRADA Claremont Crushers 5th
6 Clayton KIM Claremont Crushers 5th
7 Kenny FORD Jaguars 6th
8 Wyatt BRANDT Dominators 6th
9 Christopher ORTIZ Dominators 4th
10 Quinn SATTERLUND Caution 6th
Steve Marroquin (White)-B3 Division
1.Ethan Sandoval
2.Cole Burdett
3.Jack Annigian
4.Elier Hernandez
5.Dale Allen
6.Keegan Campuzano
7.Max Leeper
8.Micheal Clocksin
9.Aarion Kennebrew
10.Tyler Zitar

Rob Pedersen (Maroon)-B3 Division
1.Octavio Jimenez
2.Luca Roha
3.Cole Caudillo
4.Lance Pedersen
5.Jason Flegeace
6.Cody Pich
7.Dallas Bruening
8.Noah Stewart
9.Aaron Caro
10.Jake Bickham

The CYB Board of Directors has considered starting a High School age division. The Board believes that many of our former CYB players who are not playing for a high school team may be interested in still participating in the great sport of basketball. Starting this new division presents its challenges however. Some of these challenges include finding adequate facilities/gymnasiums to use for both practices and games. Another challenge is finding parents who are willing to take on a head coach role for this division.

While the Board did receive some positive feedback from the community regarding starting this division, we have decided to continue to progress with the planning stages during this season and revisit the possibility of launching the CYB High School Division during the 2016-2017 season. Any announcements regarding this division in the future will be posted on our CYB website.


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