CYB Clinic

The CYB Clinic is a developmental group that is normally devoted to 1st/2nd graders who have never played basketball before.  It is open to both boys and girls.

The Clinic meets once a week on Sunday afternoons in a group setting at the Claremont High School big gym for one hour.  We usually have four stations that the players rotate between during the hour.

We work on developing the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defending.

The Clinic meets for 7 consecutive weeks.  The last couple of weeks are spent transitioning the players into a team atmosphere, as they are grouped into teams for the day and they get to practice the skills they've been trained over the last month and a half.  This will help get the players ready for the LEAGUE divisions beginning with 3rd grade.

If your child has played in the past, and you feel they are ready for a team atmosphere, we have allowed CLINIC-aged children to play in the youngest LEAGUE divisions.

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