CYB Rules of Play

Rules & Referees

Our referees are a critical part of our league and we could not function without them. As such, I�?�¢??d like to share some DOs and DON�?�¢??Ts with you on dealing with referees.



Pre-game Meet and Greet: Before each game, spend a minute or two with ref to introduce yourself, ask any questions, or get clarity on how they will call the game.

Bring Baggage: Leave what ever happened last game, last practice, last night, or on the way to the gym at the door.

Keep Calm and Coach On: The way you conduct yourself is a model for your players and your parents. Focus on the players and the game.

Question Calls During Live Action: You and the refs should be focused on the game. Questioning and arguing during live action is a disservice to everyone.

Speak at Breaks: Calmly discuss questions with refs at quarter breaks and timeouts. Rely on your assistant to prep the team while you discuss with the referee.

Show the Ref Up: Passive aggressive comments, rhetorical questions, pointing out the obvious for the players and crowd to hear are not a good way to build rapport.

Keep it in Perspective: We all would like to win, but no scholarships are being handed out. Help your players through the adversity, that will be more important than a W.

Embarrass Yourself: The players are watching, the parents are watching. Represent yourself the way you�?�¢??d like to be seen.

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